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Ambu Twin foot pump with 1000ml container capacity

The Ambu Twin pump has a very solid construction that allows it to be used under adverse conditions in all climates.The containers hold approx. 600 ml or 1000 ml, but in an emergency situation the capacity is without limit. Pumping can continue even when the contents start to overflow.The Ambu Twin pump is fast and effective as it allows a free airflow is 70 litres/min or 250 ml of thick fluid sucked up in about two seconds!The special double chamber pump design makes it possible that no vacuum
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ambu res-cue pump/handle complete

The Ambu Res-Cue Pump is the most versatile, hand powered emergency pump. A cost effective alternative that offers convenience and performance and a wide range of features.The compact design takes up only little space and can therefore be placed easily in the emergency bag. The lightweight makes it possible to handle the pump during use easily even when using it over an extended period.