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MAC600 ColorAdvisor

Technology: Easier-to-use ECG technology enables clinicians to test more patients in less time, increasing access to high-quality healthcare for everyone. That’s why the MAC 600 is designed to be as easy as “connect and click,” while ensuring the quality of ECG data. The result is a fast, simple ECG testing process that helps physicians focus on diagnosis and care,HookUp Advisor™ indicates accuracy of ECG signal quality to avoid costly ECG repeats and support faster patient testing,Intuitive keypad for simple, one-touch operation,Clear display for accurate, instantaneous results review, eliminating the need to print Specifications: To address the healthcare needs of a growing global population, first we must reach them. The MAC 600 is lightweight and portable, packing advanced ECG analysis into a compact system that goes where you do.One of the lightest ECG available—only 1.2 kg,Lithium ion battery is long-lasting and energy-efficient, powering three hours of use on one charge, the equivalent of up to 250 ECG tests ,SD card storage of ECGs (similar to a digital camera) is a readily available, portable storage system that enables easy access to ECG test results—simply take your SD card withyou for fast download and printing from a secure computer

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GE Healthcare USA

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1 year


  • On-screen preview of waveforms and 12SL interpretation enables digital ECG workflow for faster time to treatment
  • Proven Marquette 12SL analysis helps support diagnostic confidence
  • 12-lead color display provides clear results review without printing

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