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Shop 9100c NXT Anaesthesia Workstation


9100c NXT Anaesthesia Workstation

*Three Gases System ( O2 ,N2O & Air) *Cascaded Rotameters for O2 and N2O *Auxilary Common Gas Outlet ( ACGO) for using Bains /O2 delivery *Two Vaporizers Manifold with Safety interlock *Three Drawers Configuaration for Maximum storage *O2 Cylinder Yoke / N2O Cylinder Yoke *Pipeline Inlet for Oxygen / Pipeline Inlet for N2O / Pipeline Inlet for Air *Integrated Circle System which is fully Autoclavable at 134˚C *Bag To Vent Switch for one step changeover from Bag to Vent *APL Valve which will automatically Active during Bag Mode *Integrated Manometre for easy APL setting apart from Digital Monitoring *Fully Integrated Anesthesia Ventilator *7.5 Inches Colour LCD TFT Display *Volume Mode Ventilation with lowest tidal volume setting of 30ml.* *Electronic PEEP for accurate PEEP delivery * Fresh gas Flow/leak/Vt Compensation for minimal flow anaesthesia * Exhaled Patient Data Monitoring * Dual Flow Sensor *System Checkout *FiO2 Monitoring *Pressure and Volume Waveforms *Spontaneous Breathing Suite (SIMV VCV ,SIMV PCV,PSV PRO) *Anaesthesia Gas Scavenging system (AGSS)

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GE Healthcare USA

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1 Year


  • Dual flow sensors for precise volume delivery as low as 5ml to the patient wye, breath by breath VT compensation, to help reduce the challenges in managing neonatal and pediatric patients. Option of VCV,PCV, SIMV-PC, SIMV-VC, PSV Pro modes.
  • Advanced Flow Control Valve based Ventilator and modes with apnea back-up to manage any kind of difficult cases.
  • Detect leak even from individual Vaporizers, spirometry loops, ascending bellows, Advanced Breathing System with very low dead space (2.6L) for fast responsiveness & EZ Change for easy change of Soda lime during close system without leak.
  • Advanced Breathing System fully Autoclavable @ 134 degree Centigrade & AGSS scavenging outlet for waste gas disposal.

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