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Agilia SP

1.Flow rate range: 0.1- 200 ml/h (depending on the syringe capacity - up to 1200 ml/h) 2.Flow rate accuracy: ...

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Agilia VP

1.Flow rate range:1-1500 ml/h in normal mode (1 ml/h increment) 2.Flow rate accuracy:± 5% and even better in ...


Infusia SP7s

1.Compatible with syringes of any brand 2.10ml-60ml 3.Automatic calibration for syringes of any brand 4.Three modes: ...

INFVP7S 1053

Infusia VP7s

1.Compatible with IV sets of any brand with high accuracy 2.8 Hours internal battery life 3.Three levels of alarm ...


MRI Guard Agilia

The MRI Guard Agilia® is shielded externally to prevent interference generated by the Agilia® infusion pumps ...

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Agilia SP PCA

1.Flow rate range: 0.1- 200 ml/h (depending on the syringe capacity - 0.1mL/h increment) 2.Flow rate ...

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SP TIVA Agilia

1.Flow rate range: 0.1-1200 ml/h (depending on the syringe capacity) 2.Flow rate accuracy:± 1% on ...

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Link+ Agilia®

More safety Central display of the IV pumps and Link+ Agilia® status is a safety enhancement of the new ...


Volumat MC Agilia

Flow rate range: 1-1500 ml/h in normal mode (1ml/h increment). 0.1- 99.9 ml/h in micro mode (0.1 ml/h increment). ...