BEC Helthcare (I) Pvt. Ltd. H.O.: 39/878A2, YMJ West Lane, Opp. JLN Stadium, Palarivattom

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Management Team

Cheif Excecutive Officer

Mr. Ajith George Mathew


Mr. Renjith Joseph Mathew

About Us

Our organization is focused on satisfying the needs of our customers, helping them to improve the healthy quality of their patients. Our personal motivation consists in offering the best solutions to our customers. Aa our slogan well reflects, what gives meaning to Biomedical Engineering Company is our "We value life".

Biomedical Engineering Company owes its history to its founder and owner. Mr. Ajith George Mathew who has been linked to the health care sector for more than 25 years.

  • Proximity

    Direct relationship with the healthcare institutions. This proximity allows us to offer them solutions and recognize important market niches. In the same way Biomedical Engineering Company is a good partner for manufacturers, developing complete product ranges, anticipating customer needs and offering true business opportunities and great added value.

  • Social and Medical Credibility

    As a distributor, we work hand in hand with the manufacturer to reinforce its brand image, to improve its marketing actions and increase sales to benifit of both companies.

  • Personalized Service

    Our service team treats the needs of our clients in a ersonalized way. In addition, out Technical Assistance Service ensures the correct maintenance of the equipment and guarantees the perfect use of the equipment aquired at all times.

  • Warranty

    We are synonymous with prestige and trust. We select the best brands and products of each speciality. Neither our suppliers nor our brands compete with each other.

  • Exclusiveness

    We work with exclusive brands such as Wipro GE Healthcare [USA], Masimo Corporation [USA], Ambu A/S [Denmark], Faith MicroSolutions [India], Hitech Metals and Medical Equipment [India].

We stand by

  • Commitment
  • Quality
  • Training
  • Operativity
  • Excellence of service
  • Respect for the environment

The future of Biomedical Engineering Company consists in offering integral solutions of medical equipment for the case of health in India with the latest in offering and minimal fuzz. Our guarantee is wide and varying: team, commitment, coperate responsibility, technological innovation, transparency, business strength and experience.