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Fisher & Paykel


Respiratory Humidifier with built in electrical adaptor

*Three temperature and humidity settings *Integrated heater wire adapter *Ambient temperature sensor *Compatible with heated wire circuits
MR850 262

Respiratory Humidifier without built in electrical adaptor

*Adaptable. One device supports multiple therapies for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients *Reliable. Proven to consistently perform *Robust. Designed to withstand daily hospital use *Flow sensor technology. Automatic standby during periods of gas flow interruption *Condensation Control and Humidity Compensation. Automatic algorithms designed to reduce mobile circuit condensate
900MR805 275

Heater wire adaptor for RT-Series dual heated breathing circuits

Dual Heated Breathing Circuit Heater Wire Adaptor
900MR806 238

Electrical Adaptor - Single Heated, RT circuits

*For use with MR850 humidifier and RT-series breathing circuits *Also for use with HC550 humidifier *Includes surge protection
900MR858 246

Electrical Adaptor - Single Heated, Reusable, F&P

(900MR858) Inspiratory Heater Wire Adaptor for reusable circuits

Probe, Airway Temp & Flow (MR850) Right Angle (for use with 1.3m circuit)

900MR861 273

Probe, Airway Temp & Flow, for use with 1.8 m (RT330) circuits, MR850

900MR868 243

Probe, Airway Temp & Flow, for use with 1.1m (neonatal) circuits, MR850

Probe, Airway Temp & Flow, for use with 1.1m (neonatal) circuits, MR850

Probe, Airway Temp & Flow, for use with 1.5m Circuits . With Right Angle Connector, MR850

Temperature/flow probe for RT-Series breathing circuits
900MR870 302

Reference Probe MR850


Serial Cable MR850

Serial Cable MR850

Heater adaptor for MR730 humidifier for use with dual heated circuit

Fisher & Paykel 900MR900 700 Series Heater Wire Adaptors, PIGTAIL, ADAPTER, ELECTRICAL