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AmbuMan Airway Wireless

With Ambu Man Airway all common methods of airway management can be trained. Therefore this training device is not equipped with the Ambu Hygiene System for mouth-to-mouth or mouth-to-nose Ventilation.
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Ambu Airway Management Trainer

The Ambu Airway Management Trainer is designed to train all modern airway management techniques. This makes it possible to train the placement of Orotracheal tubes, Laryngeal Masks, Combitube™, Nasotracheal tubes, Nasopharyngeal tubes, Endotracheal tubes and Guedel airways.
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AirSim Bronchi

TruCorp AirSim Bronchi features the AirSim® airway with true, anatomically correct and visually accurate internal features including bronchi down to the fourth generation. This durable training manikin is ideal for practicing nasotracheal intubation and nasally directed fiberoptic examination.
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Ambu Man Wireless

The all-rounder for CPR: can be used both with healthcare professionals and for training non-professionals. Features the licence-free self-training module and Ambu hygiene system.
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AmbuMan Instrument

Ideal training manikin for advanced BLS algorithm training. Its closed torso helps train on the use of placement of AED pads and defibrillation
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Ambu I.V. Trainer complet

The Ambu IV Trainer is for training the insertion of cannulas and catheters, the infusion of fluids and the injection of medication, blood sampling and pulse measurement.
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Ambu Baby Manikin

The Ambu Baby is a lifelike manikin that simulates babies up to the age of one year.
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AmbuMan Defib

The specialist in early defibrillation. Offers the basic functions of the AmbuMan Wireless with additional defibrillation option.
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AmbuMan Basic

The AmbuMan Basic is a cost efficient training manikin that is designed to fulfill all requirements for the BLS algorithm training.
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AmbuMan School

Ambu Man School is a training manikin which offers human appearance dedicated to the training of all procedures for basic life support resuscitation 
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Ambu Junior

The Ambu junior is a lifelike and cost efficient training manikin that is designed to fulfil all requirements for training of BLS algorithms training. 
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Ambu Man Advanced IV

The Ambu Man Advanced Wireless is an advanced instruction and training manikin designed to train Advanced Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)  both inside and outside of the medical.