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AmbuMan Airway Wireless

 Ambu Man Airway all common methods of airway man

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Ambu Airway Management Trainer

The Ambu Airway Management Trainer is easy to clea

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AirSim Bronchi

Anatomically correct internal features and visuall

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Ambu Man Wireless

At the training and control level, the different m

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AmbuMan Instrument

Ideal for advanced BLS algorithm training

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Ambu I.V. Trainer complet

Realistic Training,Replaceable skin and veins,Indi

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Ambu Baby Manikin

The Ambu Baby is a lifelike manikin that simulates

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AmbuMan Defib

The AmbuMan Defib combines the basic function of A

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AmbuMan Basic

The AmbuMan Basic is a cost efficient training man

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AmbuMan School

AmbuMan School – optimal for education of CPR in

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Ambu Junior

The Ambu Junior is a child training manikin which

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Ambu Man Advanced IV

The Ambu Man Advanced Wireless is a manikin for ad