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Critical Care Medicine

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Open Cuff Silicone mask s. 0-5

Ambu Open Cuff Silicone Face Masks are transparent for visual check of bleeding, vomitus, and spontaneous ...

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Disposable Mask, Neonatal/Infant/Toddler/Small/Medium/Large

Mask dome and cushion are made of phthalate-free material,All sizes are delivered individually packed, non-sterile, in ...

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Rescue Mask Adult+Infant soft

The Ambu ResCue Mask is designed to provide mouth-to mask ventilation.As a physical barrier between the rescuer and the ...

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RescueMask W/O Ox in Hard case

The mask is equipped with a head strap for a fixation of the mask onto the patients face. Thus the rescuer does not ...

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Disposable Face Mask with check Valve Toddler/Small/Medium/Large

Ambu Disposable Face Masks with checkvalve are designed for use with manual and automatic resuscitators and ...

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Head Wedge m. 1 Strap

The unique Ambu Head Wedge is designed to immobilize a patient’s head instantly and effectively when placed on a ...


MRI package for 4 syringe/infusion pump combination

The MRI Guard Agilia® is shielded externally to prevent interference generated by the Agilia® infusion pumps ...