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Infection Control


Sterifog ULV Fogger

*Less Power Consumption and more area coverage, as compared to any other conventional fogger, in its category available in the market today. *Its compact design and lowweight utilize very little space and the unit can be installed without making any structural changes or modifications. *Aluminum made bodu parts to resist corrosion and chemical attack. *The unique design of STERIFOG combined with its Air Filter does not allow dirt particles to accumulate inside the unit. *Since the supplied li



*It provides security against all types of micro-organisms like bacteria, myco-bacterium tuberculosis, viruses, fungi and spores. Mi-Fog shows no corrosion or deterioration of the following materials, even after long-term repeated immersions : *Rubber compounds *Plastics * Fibreglass *Mild Steel * Stainless Steel *Aluminium *Copper * Brass * Synthetic floors *Instruments * Devices

Mi-Rapid Spray :Aldehyde Free, Alcohol Based, Fast Acting, Rapid Disinfectant

*Ideal for disinfection of medical equipment like ventilators, incubators, monitors, OT lights, OT table, trolleys, beds, cabinets, nursing station, radiological equipment, laboratory equipment *Cleans, disinfects & deodorizes hard surface including vinyl, plastic, glazed ceramic, chrome, porcelain and bocked enamel surfaces *Ready-to-use spray, disinfects in a short time of 30 seconds to 5 minutes * Broad spectrum:Highly effective bacteria, fungi, mildew and virus

Mi - Silperox : Eco friendly, Surface Critical Disinfectant & Arial Fumigant

*Free from harmful compounds *Safe to use *Anti-allergic *Ecofriendly, Deccomposes into water and Oxygen *Non Carcinogenic and non mutagenic *Does not cause any skin irritation *Does not Change ph on dilution *Non eroding *No rinsing required * Less OT shut down time hence saves time and financial loss *Broad spectrum-kill all pathogens including spores and resistant strains like MRSA & VRE. *Mi-Silperox completely bio-degradable and environment friendly.

Mi Virucide 256 - The power to kill virus

Areas of application : *Hard, non porous surfaces *For Instrument Disinfection *Disinfection & ALLOWS OT, ICU, ICCU, CRITICAL WARDS & OTHER AREAS USAGE IN 10 minutes *Disinfection with Mop floors & other tiled surface areas * Applicable for Househols, vehicles and work places too

Mi-Qac :High Level Disinfectant for Critical & Non-Critical Surfaces

Mi-Guard can be used effectively for wet wiping of surfaces *The non perfumed formulation is ideal for environmental decontamination using ULV Fogger like Mi-Fogger. * Provides security against all types of micro-organisms like bacteria, myco-bacterium tuberculosis, viruses, fungi and spores. *used for manual disinfection as well as automatic reprocessing of instruments, scopes and medical devices

Mi-Zyme : Multi Enzymatic Cleaner

*Mi-Zyme is used for cleaning a wide range of devices made from metals like stainless steel, anodized aluminum, aluminum and other materials like rubber, plastics, elastomers etc. The pH neutral Mi-Zyme is safe for all types of instruments, scopes and flexible endoscopes. *Removes Bio-film, Removes Stains Ideal for Blood & Stain Removal of Instruments (8ml/ 1L concentration) for OT/CSSD departments