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Shop AISYS CS2 Fully Digital Anaesthesia Carestation with Target Control Mode


AISYS CS2 Fully Digital Anaesthesia Carestation with Target Control Mode

Benefits: Aisys CS2 features a movable 15-inch touch ventilator display screen for a unified CARESCAPETM-inspired user experience. With timesaving quick pick choices, flat menus and tunneling alarms, the Aisys CS2 can help you deliver precise care with a personal touch every day. Electronic agent control helps provide exceptional benefits, such as automatic record keeping of set agent concentrations and agent usage calculations..,ecoFLOW Benefits:ecoFLOW provides information that may help clinicians maintain their desired inspired oxygen concentration.,During low and minimum flow anesthesia, ecoFLOW displays agent consumption data that can help in mitigating wasteful over delivery of fresh gas flow.,Using less agent means spending less money, which can have a positive impact on your bottom line and the environment when waste gases are reduced.Modularity, Flexibility and Alarm Management:GE's digital platform serves as a foundation from which to build innovative solutions to help you transform the anesthesia experience of the future. The INviewTM Patient Displays are mounted on a movable arm with 360°of rotation to allow flexibility and countless position choices to suit clinician preference. The INview system places critical information and controls in view and within reach.Plus, to help reduce alarm fatigue and avoid false alarms during mechanical ventilation, Aisys CS2 features Auto Alarm Limits software to help clinicians manage CO2 limit alarms and MV/TV alarm limits on a case-by-case basis. Also included is a mechanism to apply upper and lower limits for MV, TV, RR and EtCO2. The limits are calculated using a predefined formula based on the current measured values for these parameters during an individual case for tailored patient care.

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  • Top end Fully Digital Carestation from Datex-Ohmeda with Target Control Mode (ET Control) automatically adjusts fresh gas concentrations to quickly and efficiently achieve and maintain end tidal oxygen and end tidal agent targets also equiped with ecoFLOW for manual mode savings. Closed loop AGM monitoring with MAC helps you establish end tidal agent targets.
  • 15" full colour movable ventilator display utilising surface acoustic wave touch screen technology
  • Advanced ICU-inspired ventilatior with digitally controlled flow valve technology for Neonate to Adult  and Wide range of ventilation modes including VCV, PCV, PSVPro, PCV-VG, SIMV VCV, SIMV PCV, CPAP+PSV and the new SIMV PCV-VG, designed to offer support to spontaneously breathing patients and Automated Vital Capacity and Cycling lung ventilation procedures
  • Avanced Breathing System (ABS) : Can be quickly dismantled without the use of tools.  Fully Autoclavable at 134 degree Celcius compact breathing system with total volume 2.6L features digitally controlled flow valves and fast gas kinetics for rapid wash-in and wash-out to support low flow anesthesia. EZ Sodalime Changer & AGSS equiped for waste gas disposal

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